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Product Code: Winchester 1873 44-40 sn15405


General Specs: Winchester, Year 1876, .44-40, 7lbs 2oz, LOP 13" Serial Number: 15405 The Winchester Model 1873, known as “The Gun That Won The West”, was produced from 1873 through 1919 with a total of 720,000 made.  J...

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General Specs: Winchester, Year 1876, .44-40, 7lbs 2oz, LOP 13"
Serial Number: 15405

The Winchester Model 1873, known as “The Gun That Won The West”, was produced from 1873 through 1919 with a total of 720,000 made.  Just over 1/3 of total production were Carbines with 20” barrels.  The Model 1873 was the first lever rifle developed to fire a centerfire cartridge…the .44 WCF, or .44-40, which became immensely popular for hunting and protection throughout the west.  The 1873 was first built with an iron frame (and about 1878 a steel frame) rather than the brass frame of the Model 1866, making it lighter and less expensive to build.  Search the internet and you will find many 1873 rifles for sale in one stage of condition or another with values between $500 and $50,000.  What sets one apart from the other?  What makes one more desirable than the next?  This Model of 1873, SN15405, is a FIRST MODEL SADDLE RING CARBINE (SRC) BUILT IN 1876 AND IS IN EXTRAORDINARY, UNTOUCHED, FACTORY ORIGINAL CONDITION WITH ALL PARTS ORIGINAL TO THE GUN.  You will see plenty of 1873 carbines for sale, but finding a First Model (no guide for the dust cover, cover was retained by grooves in the top of the action, until about sn20,000) SRC that has the original rear sight, front sight as part of the barrel band, original dust cover, original wood that is numbered to the frame (see photos), that still has excellent screws, strong rifling from breech to muzzle and only moderate pitting, fully functional and ready to take down a coyote or highway robber yet today…THIS IS A SRC NOT OFTEN SEEN and of great value to the Winchester collector.   We have disassembled this gun, cleaned all parts in the Ultrasonic cleaner removing all old oil, grease, and grime, examined all parts for function and integrity, and properly lubricated and reassemble the gun ready to use and shoot.  We DID NOT polish, remove rust, overly clean the gun in any way…simply removed 144 years of soot and grime leaving the original patina intact.  As can be seen in the photos the barrel and magazine have about 30% blue remaining that has turned to mostly patina with some moderate pitting.  The action is in better shape with about 30% blue turning brown and light pitting.  The wood is original to the gun and has a wood-to-metal-fit that is superb, the wood not having been sanded or refinished remaining solid around the tangs, action, and barrel.  There are two notable compressions on the right side of the forend and a small split at the base.  The buttstock has a small chip and split at the heel.  The overall appearance of this Winchester Model of 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine is AUTHENTIC AND ORIGINAL.  An interesting “feature” of this carbine is the period decorations on the right side of the buttstock consisting of metal tacks and a coin.  Many attribute these additions to Indian owned rifles, but the bored cowboy had a tendency to add these personal touches as well.  What circumstance these decorations came to be, they certainly add to the interest and lore of this saddle ring carbine that was shipped during the height of the Indian wars and the exploration and settling of the West.  This is a great gun to add to your collection and one that will increase in value as you enjoy being the keeper of history.  Thanks for looking!


Barrel Length:  20"
Bores:  strong rifling all the way
% Blue:  40% turning patina
Sights:  factory rear flip up; front on barrel band


Action:  lever
Case Color:  action blue 35% patina'd
Screws:  excellent 
Trigger Type:  single
Trigger Guard Color:  lever strong blue, browning


Type:  straight stock; carbine forend
LOP:  13"
LOP To End Of Wood:  12 3/4"
Butt Treatment:  curved steel plate


There are more photos upon request. There is a 30 day mechanical warranty on this gun. Call us for full details. Please see all of our fine Vintage Firearms on this website. We have many more sxs shotguns for sale and soon to be listed, check back or email us for a preview. Thanks for looking!

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We employ a full time gunsmith on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase. Common requests are: -stock bending to suit your particular requirements -addition of any specified butt pad to increase length of pull -alteration of chokes to suit your shooting preferences -lengthening of chambers and forcing cones -darkening stock color with penetrating stains -restoring any part of the gun including rust blue, charcoal blue, bone and charcoal case color, wood restoration and checkering recuts. If you like one our guns but it needs "tweaked", let us know and we can quote you a time and price. Some enthusiasts like the guns "as found" and others want them "just so". We often list guns as found and let the particular buyer choose how they want their gun to fit or look.