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Ex Tax: $27,950.00
Brand: Fox
Product Code: CSMC Fox DE 28ga snF206037


General Specs: CSMC A.H. Fox, Year 2012, 28 Gauge, 6lbs 2oz, Chokes M/F, LOP 14 11/16", DAH 2 1/2", DAC 1 7/16" Serial Number: F206037 Tony Galazan has produced many masterpieces in his Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturin...

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General Specs: CSMC A.H. Fox, Year 2012, 28 Gauge, 6lbs 2oz, Chokes M/F, LOP 14 11/16", DAH 2 1/2", DAC 1 7/16"
Serial Number: F206037

Tony Galazan has produced many masterpieces in his Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing facility.  His faithful reproduction of Ansley H. Fox’s fine shotgun is no exception, and his “EXHIBITION” quality renditions far exceed anything old Ansley H. Fox ever contemplated.  With over-the-top engraving, gold inlays, masterful wood carvings and checkering patterns, and state-of-the-art materials, Galazan has brought us TRUE ART IN WORKING PLATFORMS.  There are certain groups of fine gun enthusiasts that find some of this work “over-the-top”, too busy, or too gaudy to meet their tastes, preferring a more traditional approach in the engraving and wood carvings.  Exhibition Turkish walnut is admired by all, but taste in engraving does vary strongly.  This fine Fox, snF206037 built in 2012, is an example of a more subdued presentation, one of the very finest I have witnessed.   The first and most notable feature of this fine Fox is the deeply chiseled, relief-style scroll created by the world-renowned master engraver Richard Roy.  Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Mr. Roy has been engraving fine firearms since 1967. Examples of his work can be found in the NRA Museum in Fairfax, VA and the Fredrick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY.  He has engraved many of the finest guns in the world and examples of his work are sought out by astute collectors.  Close examination of the photos will show you the quality and elegance that can be achieved without overdoing the gold or colored inlays that some do not appreciate.  The special features list is impressive; fancy-back action, sculpted fences and barrel bolsters, deep chiseled bank-note style scroll with full shaded background, gold inlaid lettering, barrel wedge of engraving…just amazing.  The stock is exhibition Turkish walnut with heavily marbled figure, perfectly shaped and fit to the action, with elegant borderless checkering harboring ribbons and flor-de-lis, terminating in a finely engraved skeleton butt.  Visually this gun is stunning!  Mechanically perfect with 28” Krupp Steel barrels choked M/F, weighing 6lbs. 2oz. and balanced dynamically in hand, the gun is made to shoot as well.  Examine the photos, as no words can convey the quality of this fine shotgun.  Tony Galazan and his crew of craftsman has created one of the finest firearms both visually and mechanically that one could ever want.  Richard Roy’s work is notable, and due to his age and the depth of his work, there are few firearms that will ever be available for purchase now or in the future.  Richard Roy engraved guns demand a premium and will only increase in value as his work output comes to an end.  GOOGLE HIS NAME AND YOU WILL LEARN OF THE LEVEL OF RESPECT THIS ARTIST HAS GAINED IN HIS LIFETIME OF WORK.  You will not find a better piece of firearm art.  Thanks for looking and don’t let this one slip away!  


Barrel Length:  28" Krupp
Chokes:  .012/.024  M/F
Bores:  perfect
Bore Diameter:  .553/.552
% Blue:  100% factory
Chambers:  2 3/4"
Ribs:  tight
Sights:  single ivory


Action:  tight, way right of center
Ejectors or Extractors:  ejectors, strong, timed
Case Color:  coin finish 100%
Screws:  perfect
Engraving:  Richard Roy deep relief; 
Trigger Type:  double
Trigger Guard Color:  coin 100%


Type:  exhibition Turkish 1/2 round/splinter forend
LOP:  14 11/16"
LOP To End Of Wood: same

DAH:  2 1/2"
DAC:  1 7/16"
Cast:  0
Checkering Condition:  ribbons, borderless, 24lpi
Butt Treatment:  skeleton butt plate


There are more photos upon request. There is a 30 day mechanical warranty on this gun. Call us for full details. Please see all of our fine Vintage Firearms on this website. We have many more sxs shotguns for sale and soon to be listed, check back or email us for a preview. Thanks for looking!

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Item Condition: Used
Requires FFL?: Yes


Call to purchase #616-292-6240.  If you have any questions please call or email us, at jay@vfiguns.com or sales@vfiguns.com. Thanks! Vintage Firearms Inc

We employ a full time gunsmith on premises and can perform alterations to suit your needs within a few weeks of purchase. Common requests are: -stock bending to suit your particular requirements -addition of any specified butt pad to increase length of pull -alteration of chokes to suit your shooting preferences -lengthening of chambers and forcing cones -darkening stock color with penetrating stains -restoring any part of the gun including rust blue, charcoal blue, bone and charcoal case color, wood restoration and checkering recuts. If you like one our guns but it needs "tweaked", let us know and we can quote you a time and price. Some enthusiasts like the guns "as found" and others want them "just so". We often list guns as found and let the particular buyer choose how they want their gun to fit or look.