Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG - DESERT STORM USMC RIFLE sn902
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Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG - DESERT STORM USMC RIFLE sn902

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Brand: Barrett
Product Code: Barrett M82A1 .50BMG sn902


General Specs: Barrett, Year 1991, .50BMG, 32lbs. 8oz., LOP 15" Serial Number: 902 The Barrett M82A1 is an icon. It is instantly recognizable anywhere in the world by both friend and foe. The history of this ground br...

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General Specs: Barrett, Year 1991, .50BMG, 32lbs. 8oz., LOP 15"
Serial Number: 902

The Barrett M82A1 is an icon. It is instantly recognizable anywhere in the world by both friend and foe. The history of this ground braking weapon is well known, a brief review of its inception, design and delivery to front line units bears retelling. It all starts with a photograph! In the early 1980’s Ronnie Barrett was a professional photographer working in Murfeesburo, Tennessee.  One fateful day Ronnie was asked by a local company to document its product, a military-style river patrol boat. While on this assignment Ronnie noticed and captured on film two mounted .50 caliber machine guns. He snapped an award-winning photo and an idea was born- could a shouldered rifle fire a .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) round? The short answer is a resounding Yes! Mr. Barrett went to work. Fast forward to 1990 and The Barrett M82A1 was gaining a foothold in the United States Military, slowly going through procurement tests. Then a Mr. Saddam Hussain sent his troops across his border and into a new world where the Barrett would leave its mark! With the Allied coalition preparing for a war the Marines found themselves short of anti-material sniper rifles and in particular the M82A1. In an incredible display of organization and sheer hard work the Barrett company and his suppliers produced 100 and got them to the Marines within a 90-day time frame! The rest, as they say is History. An estimated 35 of these combat tested rifles are known to be in private hands, the remainder have been given to various Allies, museums or even shredded! This is one of those few that remain, serial number 902 it is mentioned in the ‘Book Death From Afar’ by Lt. Col. Norman A. Chandler published 1992. Page 23 lists all serial numbers of the rifles used in Operation Desert Shield (a Signed copy of the book is included with this gun). This example wears camouflage on its receiver, and its pistol grip compartment still has a covering of fine sand. All the markings are correct and matching including the original barrel with chamber marked SLAP and dated 2/91, this marking signifies that the gun was sent from the factory to Saudi Arabia for distribution to military units and was likely in-theater for the combat phase of Operation Desert Storm which started Feb. 24, 1991. The Gun comes with Barrett’s certificate of authenticity attesting to the gun being in its correct form as delivered to the Marine Corps. An original Barrett written field manual is also included in the package. The rifle has a mirror bore and displays some righteous handling and wear. One magazine is included as is an after market custom case. Vintage Firearms also has in stock .50 BMG ammunition, please enquire to purchase. The Barrett M82A1 brought a new dimension to modern warfare, by supporting close-in fighting with precision fire with an effective range of 1800 meters the gun can take out man and machine, it is in the arsenals of more than 60 militaries around the world. It has been declared Tennessee’s “official state rifle,” a designation it has held since 2016, and was named one of the U.S. Army’s “top 10 greatest inventions,” in 2005. This rifle became a modern battlefield and cultural Icon. This is a rare opportunity to own one of these warriors, THE centerpiece for any collection. Please note- Vintage Firearms Inc is searching for the correct USMC 10x Unertl scope to bring this M82A1 to original issue. The gun is priced ‘as is’ without its scope, with a scope the price will reflect its additional value. Thanks for looking!


Barrel Length:  29"
Bores:  excellent
% Blue:  85% parkerized   
Sights:  front folding hooded post, rear ladder


Action:  semi-auto
Ejectors or Extractors:  extractor
Receiver Condition:  85% with camo
Trigger Type:  single-crisp  


Type:  military straight pull
LOP:  15"
LOP To End Of Wood:  14"  
Butt Treatment:  black rubber


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